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A cold breeze wafting down from the Judean hills found its way under Caleb’s tattered sheepskin blanket and tickled his bare feet.  It awoke him from a restless sleep and he stretched cautiously, trying to keep as much of his body under the sheepskin as possible.  How he hated feeling cold in the morning.

 “Why is it so cold?” his sleepy mind asked.

 Accustomed to speaking to no one in particular, he allowed the question to drift randomly in his thoughts as he tried to shake off his sleepiness.  Suddenly he sat bolt upright!  The fire!  He had let the fire go out!  That’s why it was so cold! 

 Fear clutched at his heart as he grabbed his wooden crutch and pulled himself to a standing position.  Down the valley toward the east the sun was just breaking over the horizon.  Soon all of the shepherds would be back from their long night of herding sheep on the cold hillside.  They would be furious at him if they could not sit down beside a roaring fire and warm themselves by sipping a cup of hot bitter tea.  Unfortunately the teapot now hung over a few dying embers in the fire pit.  Even on a warm night no one likes to drink tepid bitter tea!

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