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About the book

Make Your Christmas Last All Year Round

This wonderful holiday story will charm your family all throughout the year. Caleb and Shalev is a heart-warming tale that takes place in the hills of Judea at the time of Christ’s birth.

Caleb is a young orphan who lives with a group of shepherds who beat him and treat him poorly because he is lame. His only wish is for someone to love him. Caleb has only a crippled lamb to watch over; he names the lamb Shalev, which means peaceful heart in Hebrew.

One day, after seeing the king pass by, Caleb asks to accompany the shepherds when they go to see the king, but they refuse to take him. After they leave, he follows at a distance. But instead of meeting the king, he finds a small baby boy. In awe of the child, he gives his lamb as a gift to the infant.

Caleb’s act of kindness touches the shepherds so deeply that they finally welcome him as one of their own. Through the boy’s brief act of kindness with the baby, Jesus, peace finally comes to a lonely child’s heart, and reminds us all that the spirit of giving should be with us every day of the year.

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