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January 12, 2011

O Lord, I cry for peace,
Purify my eyes to see peace,
Purify my mind to understand peace,
Purify my heart to love peace,
Purify my memory to work for peace;
The peace that comes from your
love and compassion.
O Lord, sustain my vision of peace
following your inspiration,
You have many ways of revealing your
presence and love for humanity,
But your style is constant:
You are in dialogue with all,
You care for all.
Make me 0 Lord, a sign of your peace,
Living a life-in-dialogue with you
to understand your silence
and seek your presence;
In dialogue with myself
to rediscover the meaning of my life;
In dialogue with others
to move together in harmony with all;
And in dialogue with creation to
care for the earth.
Give me, 0 Lord, the courage to live in dialogue
in the midst of divisions and conflicts
and to build peace with all people
of sincere hearts who believe
in your love and compassion.


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