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December 21, 2010

Am I a religious educator?  Well, not in the formal sense.  My formal education has been limited to a BS degree in biology and chemistry.  I am not a professor nor am I a pastor.  Yet I feel that every moment I interact with people from marginalized communities I am acting as both educator and educatee.  I have learned my most important theological lessons from marginalized people such as refugees, political exiles, prostitutes, drug addicts and slum people.  They have forced me to reflect on my comfortable faith, go back to the Bible to seek answers and struggle to see God at work in and through everyone in every place.  At the same time, I try to reflect back to those I interact with the values and compassion I experience from a relationship with Christ.  This, I think, makes me a religious educator and a religious educatee.  God is in the life of each and every individual.  We need but to see God, learn the lessons God has to teach us through those individuals and help those individuals strengthen that part of God that is in them.  This, I think, is true education in the ecumenical sense.

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