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December 2, 2010




Peace is not a thing to possess,
but a way of possessing:

Peace is not a gift to be given,
but a way of giving:

Peace is not a topic to teach,
but a way of teaching:

Peace is not a theory to learn,
but a way of learning:

Peace is not an opinion to hold,
but a way of holding:

Peace is not a resolution of strife,
but a way of striving:

Peace is not a creed to preach,
but a way of preaching:

Peace is not a God to serve,
but a way of serving:

Peace is not a question to ask,
but a way of asking:

Peace is not an answer to seek,
but a way of seeking:

Peace is not a journey’s end,
but a way of journeying.

(found on the internet)

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