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November 23, 2010

Sometimes there is a trend in our societies to want everything to be similar.  Our fast food culture seems to encourage that.  If you visit a McDonald fast food resturant anywhere in the world, it will basically have the same decor and menu that you find in the States.  Culture, too, has often been McDonaldized with clothing styles, music etc following similar trends.

In politics and religion there is too often a similar attempt to McDonaldize.  When one religion attempts to dominate the politics of a country, it is also an attempt to keep those of other faiths out, or at least marginalized. 

Diversity is a beautiful thing.  When we come together with diverse faiths, political opinions, cultures and languages, we can begin learning more about ourselves and about others.  However, this also requires that we be willing to listen respectfull to the “other” and to meditate on what they are saying.  Allowing diverse ideas to mingle in our dialogues provides an opportunity for new and more positive concepts to emerge and that can be very beneficial to our communities.

We should not be afraid of diversity.  Rather we should embrace it and allow it to strengthen the seeds of justpeace that lie within our selves and our communities.  Hope springs forth from diversity.  Let us celebrate it!

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