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August 25, 2010

Maha Ghosananda was a very well-known Buddhist monk in Cambodia.  Following the years of war, terror and dividion in his country, he worked hard to help people overcome their fears, trauma and anger.  Here is a prayer he wrote for his Cambodian people.  It is a beautiful prayer and is one which all of us, no matter what country we come from, should pray daily in great sincerity and humility.

The suffering of Cambodia has been deep
From this suffering comes Great Compassion
Great Compassion makes a Peaceful Heart
A Peaceful Heart makes a Peaceful Person
A Peaceful Person makes a Peaceful Family
A Peaceful Family makes a Peaceful Community
A Peaceful Community makes a Peaceful Nation
A Peaceful Nation makes a Peaceful World
A Peaceful World makes a Peaceful Universe

In many countries there has been much suffering due to acts of terrorism, intolerance, bias and prejudice.  So many people have experience trauma which can deeply hurt our souls.  As Maha Ghosnanada says, this suffering can become a force for vengence and further suffering, or it can be a force for great compassion.  That depends completly upon us and upon the roots of our faith.  How we respond to this suffering descibes what our faith brings into our lives and offers the world.  This is a great responsibility and a very difficult work, but we must learn to say this prayer along with Maha Ghosananda with a true desire to let compassion build a peaceful universe through us and through our actions.

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