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July 26, 2010

Some see poverty
and sorrow. 
Others see a boldness
to survive and build.

Some see desperation.
Others see determination.

Some see reason to pity. 
Others see reason to challenge.

Some hope less
and some hope more.

What is on the surface
does not always relfect what is inside.

The oppressed are never silent and submissive.
Inside they are speaking loudly and clearly.
Inside they are fighting for dignity and truth.

We find hope
only if we truly look for it.
We find hope
only if we learn how to look deeply
and listen intently.

We find hope
if we trust
the ashes
to reveal it to us.

We see
what we look for.
We look
where we have trust.
We trust
when we have courage.

Hope is truly rising
up out of the ashes.
See it!
Hear it!
Absorb it into your being.

(from”Dialogue with a Dream”

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