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July 12, 2010

Children are precious – they are the hope for a better future.  And because they are the hope for a better future, they need to be treated with kindness, love and encouragement. 

In Viet Nam where I live and work, children are now growing up in a time of peace.  The war has been over for many years and children no longer learn what sounds mean in-coming rockets, what planes drop bombs and what gunshots means the war is approaching their village.  They now can grow up knowing how to laugh, play and go to school.

But many children in Viet Nam are still suffering from the war.  The US sprayed tons of defoliants over the countryside.  Agent Orange was one of these defoliants and it contained a toxin that remains in the soil and food chain today.  This toxin creates terrible birth defects in children.  Third generation children continue to suffer from this toxin and it may remain a serious problem for many years to come.

War leaves a horrible legacy for people to live with long after the guns are silent and enemies have become friends.  Repentence and forgiveness between Americans and Vietnamese remain as important today as it was in 1975.

We need to care about all children and if we are “pro-life” we need to end all wars because these wars have a terrible and long-lasting affect on children.  Children have no choice when war comes their way, but those who pay for wars and initiate them do.  We are the ones who can put an end to war and be truly “pro-life”.

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  1. fernando yusingco permalink
    September 12, 2010 6:23 pm

    Max, as always you do convey your message well. Keep going.

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